The Artist

Subtle mixtures by the interplay of materials, the perfection of proportions, the refinement of colours – For her collections, Attia has cultivated a spirit of timeless elegance, paying homage to Jacqueline Delubac. The Brand thrives on revisiting fashion eras, while reflecting on the basis of couture: embroidery. Attia offers a series of ensembles, formal suits and cocktail dresses, which expresses her vision of fashion. Throughout her creations, there were ideas to remember and desires to offer. Line, volume and colours are : the assets of a feminine style. The Attia style borrows a very French identity, which imposes itself as a reference. Unfaithful, inspiring, unique, and nuanced, free-spirited, never a victim. The Frenchwoman, according to Attia, builds her own style as she sees fit. Individuality is the key in her line of models. Combining her artistic eye with an expertise in the craftmanship of classic tailoring, with more than 30 years of experience, Attia perfections handwork, by marrying premium materials with techniques in order to create unique pieces. Originally, raised and educated in Paris, at an early age, Attia developed a passion for creation. As a child, she created a wardrobe made of small pieces of woods for her doll boudoir, which eventually deserved to have a matching dress. In the years to come, Attia joined and graduated first from her class in the prestigious school atelier haute couture at TEK’NIK’MOD in Paris.